Daryl Dickson

Daryl does not read or write and has limited speech. He has Down’s Syndrome. I have been his guardian for 29 years and feel that I can interpret the inspiration behind this picture. Daryl is a Native Canadian and is exposed to a lot of native art and pictures. The influence of these visuals is often present in his pictures. This picture is influenced by a dreamcatcher that is hanging at home. It was his first painting done in watercolour.

Submitted by Kate Evans, Daryl’s guardian.

Daryl Dickson was born into Sekw’ el’ was band, Lillooet Stl’atl’imx Nation on October 27, 1969.  Art is an important means of expression as speech is limited. 

Daryl has exhibited at Artists Helping Artists, Burnaby, The Gathering Place, Port Coquitlam and the Disability Arts Show, Heritage Hall, Vancouver.