Studio Services

AHA provides materials, studio space and mentoring to artists of all abilities. We are open 10-3 Monday to Thursday.


We are located at 7724 Royal Oak Ave. Burnaby, close to Royal Oak Skytrain Station.

Our phone number is 604 438 4775 and we can be reached by email here.


AHA! provides artists with studio space, affordable materials and the opportunity to pursue their aspirations concerning artistic expression. The cooperative believes art is a vital element in tolerance and inclusion and 51 percent of the membership is made up of artists with special needs. Membership is open to any person over the age of 16 who is an artist or who would like to support artists in the production and marketing of art.

Our studio is a great space to exhibit you r art.  We host up to four exhibits per year of our member artists and creative professionals from the greater community.

Send submissions to AHA, 2702 Norland Avenue, Burnaby, or via the email address and phone number above..  All approved exhibitors must purchase a $5 share in the co op and a full yearly studio fee ($45) and AHA takes 25% commission on any sold artworks.



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